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What is the meaning of ASC scaling for the setting of Analogue output of ATS48 Soft Starter.

Refer to attached document; there is a formula for AO assignment.
For motor current, please see below: ---
Is = 20ma * [X(%) /ASC].
Where “X” represents the percentage reading compared to the nominal value selected (motor nominal current, nominal torque ...).
AO (Analog Output) => OCr : Motor current
O4 (Configuration of the type of signal supplied by output AO) => -020:0-20mA signal
ASC range is from 50 to 500% and factory setting is 200.
And for Example: if you program In = 120A as per Motor detail then X will be equal to 100% if 120A read by ATS48 [means=>120 A monitored by Motor Current (LCr) parameter from displayed menu (SUP)].
So, if ASC = 200%.
Then AO will be :=> 20ma * [X(%) /ASC].
                         => 20mA *[100/200] = 10 mA
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