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What is the maximum load capacity of the Quantum Analog Output cards 140ACO13000.

The max load for the 140ACO13000 will depend on the loop supply. Here is a formula assuming a 24V loop supply with the Module pushing 25mA to the device.
Module drop when pushing 25mA is 6V.

V loop = 24V
Internal module drop voltage is 6V at 25mA (max.) ref Quantum Hardware Reference Guide.

R (load) = Loop Voltage (Vloop - drop) / Current Max (25mA).

R = 18000mV / 25mA = 720 Ohm.

This same formula can be used at different voltages. If this output is only driving 20mA max, then the same loop supply gets you 850 Ohm.

Remember, this is assuming that the 24Vloop supply is not overloaded and is actually driving 24Volts. If your customer has the loop all hooked up,
measure the loop voltage. Typical drops are around 7 volts, leaving you at 17 volts loop voltage.

The max. load depends on the loop voltage:
loop voltage (VDC) 12 18 20 22 24 30
min load (Ohm) 0 0 0 0 0 0
max load (Ohm) 240 480 560 640 720 960
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