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SoHVAC can not be connected to M168 controller. When trying to connect, message appears " Connected hardware is unknown" Do you want to proceed with download? Finished: can not open COM port

Such type of behavior is possible when using SoHVAC software version V3 and the usage of COM port for M168 controller
 particularly with windows 7 operating system
If user have SoMachine installed and the Gateway is running, or any other Gateway is running, which scans the COM ports, then the COM port is in use
and cannot be used any more for SoHVAC because it is busy.
So, user needs to check as such running gateway on system.
If so, then the Gateway needs to be stopped and should be kept stopped to enable the usage of the COM port for SoHVAC.

Disabling any as such gateway and then choosing Tools->Preference dialog of SoHVAC with correct COM port detected by SoHVAC programming
cable should get in connected with M168 controller
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