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Can I upgrade the firmware for TSX ISP Y101 module to v2.4, what are the evolutions in this version

The TSX ISP Y101 cannot be upgraded by anybody , the firmware is installed one time while manufactured. 

This new version v2.4 is not done to correct any issues. It is due to the use of a new analog digital converter component as the old one is no more manufactured. Schneider Automation has realized a new design to keep all the features of the new module identical to the old ones. But the new converter introduce a new way to supply the load cells. Before the power supply was 10V DC until SV2.3. Now the power supply is pulsed , there are pulses of +5V and pulses of -5V while the converter do the measures. First thing for customer is that now he cannot check the load cell voltage with his millimeter.

WARNING :All capacitors which could be in parallel of the load cells power supply have to be removed.
1. It will affect the measures as they introduce a delay on the front of the pulses.
2. The polarized capacitors will heat as now the load cell power supply is alternative.
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