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What is LUH or LUL in ATV303 drive. How it is assigned to functions

ATV303 drive comes with standard 4 nos. of logic inputs namely LI1 to LI4.
AI1 ( analog input) can also be treated as Logic input provided parameter AI1 Type ( parameter number 204.0) = LIU [Logic Input]

Once AI1 is configured as Logic input, LUH (LIU active high) and / or LUL (LIU active low) can be seen for various ATV303 functions while assigning logic input for them.

LUH = LIU logic input active high
LUL = LIU logic input active low

For parameters 501.3/502.1/ 502.2/503/505/506.0/506.1/506.3/59.17/511.0/512.3/512.4/601/610,  it is possible to assign LUH or LUL depending on parameters.
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