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Power supply ABL8RPS24100 : What is the operating condition for diagnostic contact output and its important

ABL8RPS24100 is having 11-14 contact which is diagnostic contact output of dry contact NO ( Normally Open) type
Depending on Vout its state is close or open.
Below is the level of Vout and its impact on diagnostic output contact.

Vout >= 21.6 Volts ==> 11-14 CLOSED
Vout < 21.6 volts ==> 11-14 OPEN

This contact is to be used to signal Healthy state of power supply.

It is seen if power supply is overloaded for example Overcurrent = 120% In , voltage Vout starts reducing and if further Vout reduced below value 21.6 volts, its output goes OFF completely. If Vout is within 21.6 volts, it keeps delivering current even at 120% In until Vout is not reach below 21.6 volts

so, 11-14 contact signals power output from power supply when it is closed. If power supply is energized and 11-14 open meaning power supply is not delivering power output.
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