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How can i communicate Premium PLC with Vijeo Citect using the TER port of the plc.

To communicate with premium PLC using Vijeo Citect SCADA using Unitelway communication to its TER port, you will have to use TSXCUSB485 +TSXCRJMD25 cable to connect PLC to PC. After that setup the Unitelway Drive to enable the communication as described in attached document.  

Backup of Vijeo Citect tested with Premium PLC is included in the attachment. In this backup UNITEL driver is being used which is the driver used to communicate with Unitelway devices on Serial communication board. To test this application in your PC you can simply use the same backup, just modify the Port Number in the Port form in Vijeo Citect. Set this port number the same as COM port detected by RS485 to USB converter.
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