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How can I schedule IO Device to Connect/Disconnect from RTU's in Vijeo Citect over VSAT/PSTN networks.

You need to set the " Schedule " in your IO Device settings. For configuring this Scheduling you need to open your IO Device , press F2 and then set the device schedule to TRUE and set the period to the required time period which you want to poll the device like if you want to set 1 hour then set this to 01:00:00 , also attached a IO Device configuration sanpshot for reference . 

Alternately you can use the inbuilt function of Vijeo Citect "IODeviceControl" to enable/disable the IO Device . You can tried using this function to enable the IO Device and update the tag values and then disable the IO Device again and also during the time when the IO Device is disable it will not read /write any data to/from the PLC device. Attached a help document on this IODeviceControl function with a sample Vijeo Citect sample backup for reference. 
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