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How to configure a BMXPRA0100 module in Modicon M340 / Quantum Unity pro application

Configuration of a PRA module is done using Unity pro IO Scanner table. User Must fill the IO scanner information and then 
Click on the Device Name button…
Next is Set the device type in the Property window, Select PRA as device in the drop box.
Fill the device name. It will not be possible to change it after. and then “Launch PRA application”. This will launch a new Unity pro child instance.

At the first launch, User will have to create the new PRA application using XEF templates available
in the Unity Pro folder. Templates uses switch-set device name as default Ethernet configuration (DHCP).
Name will be modified in the Ethernet IP configuration. User can also open STU, STA or XEF file from any directory.

Do the PRA configuration within the second instance of Unity Pro. Only one PRA application can be launched at same time.
While the second instance is launched it is not possible to do any modification in the“Master” Ethernet configuration screen.

For communication with Unity Pro, PRA address must be set in the PLC address. Use same address than in the IO Scanner line.
After doing all the configuration in the child UNity Pro instance press build and then Save and close this instance.

When closing application (Red cross icon or close menu) application is automatically saved in the Master application IO scanner.
Below image explains the above procedures.

Also enclosed is a sample PRA application.

Note :-  Complete PRA application including the Master configuration is saved in STU/STA format in a single unity pro file.
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