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Why I am getting the error "A mismatch has occurred between the expected size of project database '_Trend.TREND' and the actual compiled size" in SCADAExpert Vijeo Citect when we start the runtime.

The error means that the size of a record in the runtime database (on disk as RDB file) is different to the size expected by Citect. This may occur if you just upgraded your Citect Version.  

If you get this error message, recompile your project and restart. To do that go to Citect Project Editor--> Tools--> Option and uncheck the option Incremental Compile. The Perform a compile, it will perform a full compile of your project.

If the message does not go away after a recompile, you have an incorrect installation of Citect, most likely a mixture of two different versions. Reinstall Citect and recompile again.
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