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Can we connect one Servo Drive to multiple Servo Motors by using a contactor or Relay in between to switch between the motors.

As far as power supply to the motor is concern there should not be any problem of using contactor or relay in between Servo Drive and Servo Motor to select the desired motor to run. But the problem comes in Encoder feedback system. The consequences are as follows:

1. Supposing Lxm32 is in state "rdy" or "dis"and they disconnect the feedback on cn3 then there`s E733F [amplitude of encoder analog signals too low] and mostly E7340 ( Reading of absolute position aborted, number of unsuccessful consecutive attempts too great). Both errors have error class 3 but if the drive tries  several times to read absolute position without success it changes to error class 4 and that means switch off /on 24V. 

So only way would be to switch off 24V to change the encoder and motor. 

In Lxm23 if it is in state rdy and disconnect feedback it indicates Al 011. So only way is to switch off supply to exchange motor and encoder. 

2. But if the typecode of both motors is not identical the drive indicates "Mot" in the display and it`s necessary to press the navigation key for confirmation. Other motor type means also that controlloop parameters and limitations are reset to default. 

3. Every time motor is switched the encoder feedback value will be different. It depend on the application but It would be a new motor with other encoder and maybe other position. So new homing would be necessary. Maybe other parameter settings are necessary too.

So during drive is switched on it`s not possible to exchange motor and encoder because of the points above. Additional point would be to realize correct emc conditions using contactors or relay. Also for the machine operating point of view the reliability factor is very less in this case. 
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