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In SoMachine v3.1 when LMC058 expert I/Os DM72F0 and DM72F1 are configured, I/O configuration tab contains "Summary" button to show I/O summary. Where to find I/O summary button in SoMachine v4.1

SoMachine v4.1 page layout for expert I/Os DM72F0 and DM72F1 does not contain button "summary" as it is in SoMachine v3.1
User can check it by following below simple steps

Step 1:
In the Devices tree tab, expand the Expert node.

Step 2:
Right-click DM72F• and select I/O Summary in context menu.

Following these 2 simple steps, new popup window appears that display I/O summary for expert I/O module DM72F0 or DM72F1
For reference, pop-up window shown with below picture.
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