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Why I am unable to Login in PES Engineering client when i am not on my laptop's default domain

When you start a Process Expert engineering or operation client, you need to log in to be able to use it.
Process Expert uses Microsoft Windows credentials.
Process Expert clients authenticate users against:
  • The Active Directory (AD) domain services controller if the PC is connected to a Windows domain.
  • The local Windows user accounts if the PC is not connected to a Windows domain.
By default, when you start a client, the user name that was used to log on to the current Windows session is displayed in the User Name field of the Log In dialog box. 

So create one other user which is local to windows and is not part of any domain and give some password. 

Now login to Engineering client using those credentials, for eg. 
Example: OPServer\Operator 

This way you should be able to login.
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