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How to read unit of Motor energy consumption in Altivar 71 drives.

Parameter APH stands for motor energy consumption at its modbus address 3230, read only type, data type UINT (Unsigned Integer) and its unit of the value displayed is in accordance to setting made with parameter UNT ( Unit of parameters APH, PTH and RTH)

UNT parameter stands for units of parameters APH [Motor energy consumption], PTH [Total drive operating time]  and RTH [Total motor operating time] at its modbus address 3234, also read only type.
The unit changes automatically when the value reaches the maximum format of parameter.
Below is the UNT word's 16 nos. of bit description.

bit 0 + bit 1  = unit of APH:
0 = Wh, 1= Kwh, 2 =Mwh

bit 2 +bit 3 = unit of PTH:
0= seconds, 1 = minutes, 2= hours

bit 4 +bit 5 = unit of RTH:
0= seconds, 1 = minutes, 2= hours

bit 6 to 15 are reserved of UNT.

So, to judge the unit of APH ( Wh or Kwh or Mwh), it is mandatory to read bit 0+ bit 1 of UNT at its modus address 3234.
If Bit 0+Bit 1 = 0 unit is Wh (Watt-Hour), if it is 1 unit is Kwh (KiloWatt-Hour) & if it is 2 unit is Mwh (MegaWatt-Hour)
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