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what is significance of Test button given on Modbus communication interface module (TRV00210).

The test button is used to check that there is a good connection between all the ULP modules connected to the Modbus communication interface module.
The figure below shows an IMU consisting of a Modbus communication interface module, a front display module FDM121 and a Compact NSX circuit breaker equipped with a Micrologic trip unit:

Pressing the test button starts the ULP connection test for 15 seconds. In test mode, the ULP activity LED on the Modbus communication interface module and the backlighting on the front display module FDM121 and Micrologic trip unit flash simultaneously (ON: 1000 ms/OFF: 1000 ms), making it easy to identify the IMU modules in the switchboard.
During the test, all the IMU module functions execute normally.
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