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What is a Enerlin'X FDM128 device.

The FDM128 is a display for 8 LV devices is a 1-to-8 human machine interface (HMI). The main component is a 5.7-inch touch screen.
An FDM128 display unit can be connected to devices via an Ethernet interface by using:
> One or more gateways (IFE gateway, PowerLogic EGX300 and EGX100 Ethernet gateways, Acti 9 Smartlink Ethernet gateway)
> One or more Acti 9 Smartlink Ethernet or IFE
> Third-party gateways that possess the appropriate characteristics

The FDM128 display unit can monitor and control up to eight LV devices. The information displayed includes measurements, alarms, and operating assistance data.
For ease of installation, an autodiscovery function is embedded in the FDM128 display unit.
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