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How to give PID set point from HMI and from Modbus on ATV212 drive.

(1) PID set point from HMI:
If you want to have a fixed set point for PID and you do not want to use an analog input as set point, you can use the HMI reference.
In this case you must set the parameter FMOD to value 3 (which mean HMI reference). When you are in no menu (drive displays 0.0) you can select the set point by the use of the Up/down keys. One you have defined the set point, press the ENT key, drive display will blink between the values you set and FC.
Finally, you should set the following:
FMOD = 3 ""HMI reference"" -> for a fixed set point using HMI reference
F360 = 1 ""PID by VIA"" -> For PID Feedback
(2) PID set point from Modbus:
You can use the following registers to send a PID set point from Modbus:
FA01 (Modbus address: 64001) which is the frequency set point. Unit is 0,01Hz. Range is 0 to FH (max frequency)
FA13 (Modbus address: 64019) which is the speed set point. Unit is rpm. This reference is converted into frequency set point using the parameter F856 (number of motor poles). Range is 0 to 24000 rpm.
Do not forget to set FMOD to value 4.
Moreover, on ATV212 do not forget to set parameter F807 to value of 0 if you use Modbus with the RJ45 connector.
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