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Why am I able to see the graphic page in Vijeo Citect Runtime but could not open in Graphic Editor.

In Vijeo Citect, for Graphic pages there are three type of files available for graphics: 

1. *.CTG basic page information (most of the page information is in database and library files). 
2. *.CTF fast runtime information (use Update Pages to recreate these if deleted). At runtime the 'CTF' file is used instead of the 'CTG' so that rendering of the background is faster. 
3. *.RDB compiled, runtime information (choose Full Compile to recreate these if deleted). At runtime this is used to get the information of object placed on Graphic Page. 

The cause of the problem that CTF and RDB file for that specific graphic page is there but not the CTG file. Which might have been deleted by user or any other source such as antivirus etc if this is the case it is always recommended to exclude Vijeo Citect and all its installed directory to excluded list from Virus Scanning. 

To recover this from this stage it either open any of your previously saved backup and the open same graphic page in Graphic Editor and do a save as in current project. In case if you do not have previously saved backup then unfortunately you will have to create it again from scratch. 
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