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Can we use 50 to 60 numbers of Pelco IP camera with our Vijeo Citect Scada for video monitoring and is there is any limitation using them.

The real limit of using the Pelco Camera is that how many cameras you want to view at the one time. If you only view 4 screens at one time, then it doesn't matter how many cameras there are in the backend. Each camera needs a certain amount of traffic capacity, memory, processor power, graphics card power etc. It would be like viewing youtube. The more videos watched at one time, the more memory, bandwidth etc is required. The final limitation depends on your graphics card, processor speed and the speed of the network which streams in the video, and the number of screens viewed at any one time.

There is no theoretical limit to the number of connected cameras. Only you may need to split the system into 2 or more servers to handle the load.
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