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Can we use OFSOPC server for redundant OPC communication to our Quantum PLC.

You can use OFS Server for communicating the redundant Quantum PLC`s / NOE modules and for that you need to configure two ALIAS in OFS Server configuration with two different IP address for each NOE module. But to make IP A as the primary and IP B as standby device this configuration you can not do with OFS as this is only a communicating medium between PLC & SCADA/OPC Clients. 

The primary & standby feature will be managed by your SCADA/OPC Client software . If you compared this architecture with our Vijeo Citect then in that you can manage this primary & standby feature with IO Device using startup mode as Primary or Standby to use that which alias will be your primary and which one would be standby alias.

The redundant SCADA/OPC client should know about each other and only one can poll the device via OFS.  SCADA system must control the polling activity via setting active/inactive status for the OPC Group.
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