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Which cable we can use in order to connect SR2MOD3 DB9 connect to laptop DB9 connector using RS232 serial and pin details of the cable.

The SR2MOD03 modem has a SubD9 female connector to be connected on a RS232 serial link.
To connect this modem on the PC, it is necessary to use a standards RS232 extension cord with a side SubD9 Male and a side SubD9 Female.( it must be a pin to pin cable and all pin must be used). It is possible to use the cable SR1CBL03

This RS232 communication is Full Duplex type of communication.

Also this is a pin to pin cable that means (pin1 connected to pin1 , pin2 connected to pin2 ......pin9 to pin9 ).
This cable is SubD9 male at one end and SubD9 female at other end.
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