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Does fluent jumping between LSP HSP LSP possible, without motor stopping on ATS48 Soft Starter.

The diagram recommended for 2 speed motor (Refer to attached document) suppose that you choose manually, before starting, either to start in low speed or in high speed. The switching between low speed and high speed windings must be done with the motor stopped.
Before switching you must be in stop mode for 2 main reasons :
- the starter would trip in PHF during switching (no load in run mode)
- to switch the parameter sets S1 to S2
 (normally you need 2 motor parameter sets because the motor name plate is different for LSP and HSP).
However if you want to chain LSP starting then HSP starting automatically we recommended the following sequence :
- Close low speed contactor
- Start with Low Speed settings .
- At full speed -> Stop -> motor goes in freewheel
- Open LS contactor
- Close HS contactor
- Time delay for motor demagnetization (normally less than 1 second)
- Upload of high speed settings
- Start command
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