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How can I migrate a M340 application to M580 application using Unity Pro

It has to be done manually. Below are the steps to be followed.

1. Prepare original M340 application, hardware configuration must be ready to convert to M580, there must be one free slot near the CPU - i have moved DI from pos 1 to pos2. 
2. Export variables (as .xsy) and export mast task from M340 to files. 
3. Create a new M580 application with IO cards (topological IO DDT) on the same positions as it was in M340. 
4. Change configuration properties of M580CPU to be the same as it was in M340 (number of words, cold start....) and change the also properties of project in tool (enable dynamic array...) 
5. Define IP address for M580 CPU in DTM browser. 
6. Import variables, import mast task to M580 (probably is not necessary to import both, but i did it). 
7. Check visually if there aren't some differences in both application. 
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