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My USB Dongle / License Key is failing after several hours or days of successful operation and I get Software Protection Failure on my SCADA workstations. I also noticed that the Citect Key Update utility can no longer detect the key when it fails and the light on the USB dongle is not illuminated. When I remove the USB dongle and re-insert it into the USB port it sometimes begins working again.

In such case there may be some hardware problem occur with your Vijeo Citect`s license key. To verify that kindly follow the below mention steps :

1- Download the Key Reader Utility, attached at the end of this article.
This exe file will read the key system information, and display it on a cmd-style window.
Key Reader Utility:

There it shows the programming date of the license key. 

If the Programming date falls between 2007/12/01 and 2008/03/31 then the key should be replaced.

2- In case if your license key is not detected on your system then, you can also verify whether your key programming deatils by peeling the white sticker which contains the product license number (047X - XXXXX). You will then find a date code. 
Kindly share that date code with us on our customer care mail id as shown below with your details to replace your license key.
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