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What are different types of data type that Power SCADA Expert supports.

The following is a list of the Data Types that were supported by your Power SCADA I/O device variable tags along with their ranges/precision.

BCD                Binary-Coded Decimal         2 bytes               0 to 9,999 
BYTE              Byte                                         1 byte                  0 to 255 
DIGITAL         Digital                                      1 bit or 1 byte     0 or 1 
INT                  Integer                                     2 bytes                -32,768 to 32,767 
UINT               Unsigned Integer                   2 bytes                 0 to 65,535 
LONG             Long Integer                           4 bytes                -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647 
LONGBCD     Long Binary                            4 bytes                 0 to 99,999,999 
REAL              Floating Point                         4 bytes                -3.4E38 to 3.4E38 (max of 7 digits of precision) 
Local              REAL* Floating Point            8 bytes                 1.79D-308 to 1.79D+308 (max of 15 digits of precision) 

* Local REAL Cicode variables and internal variables are 64-bit. Other REAL variables (MODULE, GLOBAL, and variable tags) are 32-bit.

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