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How to remove an EDS File from the Unity Pro Hardware Catalog for M580 platform.

User can remove a module or device from the list of available devices in the Unity Pro Hardware Catalog by removing its EDS file. When you remove an EDS file from the library, the device or module is no longer displayed by Unity Pro in the DTM Catalog page of the Hardware Catalog window.
However, removing an EDS file from the library does not delete the file. Instead, the EDS file remains in its stored location and can again be added to the catalog at a future time.

Steps to be followed for Removal of EDS file from the catalog:
1. If the DTM Browser is not already open, select Tools → DTM Browser in the Unity Pro main menu.
2. In the DTM Browser, select an M580 CPU.
3. Right-click and scroll to Device menu → Additional functions → Remove EDS from library.
4. Use the selection lists in the heading of this window to specify how EDS files are displayed:
Display: To filter the list of displayed EDS files, make a selection:
  • All EDS (no filtering)
  • Only Devices
  • Only Chassis
  • Only Modules
Sort by: To sort the list of displayed EDS files, make a selection:
  • File Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Category
  • Device Name
  • Display Name: To see a description of each device, make a selection:
  • Catalot Name
  • Product Name
5. In the Device Library tree control, navigate to and select the EDS file you want to remove.
6. (Optional) Click the View Selected File button to display the read-only contents of the selected EDS file.
7. Click the Delete Selected File button to open a message box.
8. Click Yes to remove the selected EDS file from the list.
9. When you have finished removing EDS files, click Close.
10. The next step is to update the Hardware Catalog.
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