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How can I generate analog output with reference to actual position in Lexium 32 Drive.


In Lexium 32 Drive you can get the analog out when you set parameter IOM1_AQ11_func to Actual Position. Now for the scaling, this output can only be generated if the Axis is chosen as Modulo axis then the scale would be MOD_Min equivalant to 0 Volt and MOD_Max will be 10 Volt.

For example in your application you have a pitch of 10 mm and total travel distance is 1000 mm so you have a total 100 revolution of Motor to reach from position 0 to 1000 mm. Thus set you axis to Modulo axis and you need to set MOD_Min at 0 and MOD_Max would be  131072*100=13107200 (resolution in one revolution X rotation to travel). Then you will get the analog out based on the actual position between 0 mm to 1000mm.

For this to work you should always make sure that Drive always has a valid position between physical axis and the post important to use Hardware Limit Switch to not to allow movement beyond permissible limit. As setting the axis in Modulo will lead to disable the Software Limits.

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