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What are the various file extension for Modsoft application.

Various file extension for Modsoft application are as follows:

***.prj = Ladder Logic file 
***.pwx = Proworx32 Database 
***.CFG = Configuration file 
***.USL = User Loadables 
***.ENV = environment files (This file is a single file to load all file sets. It allows you to load all the files associated with a program) 
***.MAP = Network Mapping file 
***.ASC = ASCII file 
***.REF = Reference contents contained in the PLC, from an upload 
***.RFD = Reference presets set by the user in the Modsoft Reference Data Editor 
***.RFI = Reference Table Index 
***.RFS = Reference symbols file 
***.PCI = Network Comment Index 
***.PCM = Ladder Comment File 
***.PCT = Database Tag file for program comments 
***.CUT = Coil used table 
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