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If "Coll" LED is flashing on 140NOE771XX module then what action need to be taken.

If the Coll LED is flashing, the module is reporting collisions on the Ethernet network. While such collisions are normal, the frequency of the flashes is an indication of the volume of traffic on the network. The flashes may be so frequent that the LED appears to be shining steadily. Heavy traffic will slow communications. If response time is important to your application, you should consider segmenting your network to reduce the frequency of collisions. 

Action to be taken as per the number of coll led flashes are mentioned below:

Number of Flashes: 3

Action: Check Ethernet connection 

Number of Flashes: 4

Action: Change IP address 

Number of Flashes: 5

Action: Provide IP address 

Number of Flashes: 6

Action: Connect using default IP address and configure 

Number of Flashes: 7

Action: Download a new NOE Exec  
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