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What is the reason for error "PLC return error code (FDH - 8083H)" in Magelis HMI when it is link to Unity Variable Database programmed for Quantum PLC.

The error message " PLC return error code FDH-83,80H" is due to the Magelis reading the discrete/analog inputs as %I from the Unity Quantum. Quantum only support reading Input in Located SRAM data location not directly from %I or %IW.
To resolve the error you will need to delete the tags and link to the Unity database file. Then re-link the tags back into Vijeo Designer and check the box to "force IO to unlocated variables". Or convert all of the input variables to memory bits and words. I suggested that he use the MOVE_AREBOOL_INT function block to move the inputs to a memory word. 
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