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How relay RM35S0MW does under / over speed detection. How to set it

RM35S0MW monitor a series of impulses characterized by a two state signal (high and low). The product take into account impulse signal at high and low state only if the impulse time is = or > to 5ms. Then 5ms is the minimum impulse time at high state and at low state. The speed measurement is obtained by measuring the period of the signal. This value is compared with the preset value to determine whether if the system is under or over speed. The pulse interval can vary from 0.05 seconds to 10 minutes

The main application are escalators, monitoring of rotation speed, transporter or conveyor belt speed, pump rotation, industry process systems..

Interval between pulses (measurement range) corresponds to frequency (Hz) and speed (rpm):
Time                    Frequency (Hz)            speed (rpm)
0.05 to 0.5s         2 to 20                          120 to 1200
0.1 to 1s             1 to 10                           60 to 600
0.5 to 5s             0.2 to 2                          12 to 120
1 to 10s              0.1 to 1                          60 to 6
0.1 to 1 mn         0.017 to 0.178                1 to 6
0.5 to 5 mn         0.033 to 0.33                  0.2 to 2
1 to 10 mn          0.0017 to 0.017               0.1 to 1
A relay can only control one characteristic: Underspeed or Overspeed

User can select the speed range (Knob N°3) and adjust % (Knob N°2) according to the speed to be controlled.

Example :
A speed 900rpm corresponds to 15Hz(900/60) and then to a time of  0.067s. You select with the knob N°3 the time range 0.05 to 0.5s and the  select 13.33% with knob N°2
Ti  knob is used to adjust a starting inhibition time delay, in order to allow the process being monitored to reach its nominal operating speed. Relay RM35S is inhibited for the time delay adjustable (0.6...60s)
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