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What will be the reason of output current unbalancing on ATV71 drive.

For output current unbalancing of the drive please check the following:-- 

(1) Please check & tightens the cable connection at motor and drive side. 

(2) Make it confirms; cable size is same for all 3 output phases, as impedance network can cause unbalance of output current. 

(3) How to check: -- 
=> Example, R=120 A, Y=100 A & B=90A. 
The first test to do=> is to know if the problem comes from the ATV or from the Load side (i.e. Motor, cables). This can be done if you inverse R and Y and perform the measurement of current. If the current in R becomes equal to 100 A and the current in Y is 120 A, it means that the problem comes from the Load side.
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