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How to run ATV71 drive via Modbus communication.

ATV71 drive Parameters for Modbus communication: --- 

1. Do the factory setting of drive. 
2. Configure [ ACCESS LEVEL] (LAC-) to Expert 
3. Configure Fr1 to Modbus 
4. Configuring communication parameters:-- 
[Modbus Address] : 1 . 
[Modbus baud rate]: [19.2 Kbps] 
[Modbus format]: [8 E 1] 

For modbus run command, you have to use CMD (Logic address 8501) to run the ATV71 drive via Modbus and you will put respectively 16#0006,16#0007 and 16#000F and for frequency setpoint, use the LFR (Logic address 8502).
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