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Can we connect two different Vijeo Citect Servers to share data from one VJC server to another server. How can setup this.

You can achieve this using two ways. 

1. By using OPC communication where one VJC server act as OPC Server & other as OPC Client. But you need to configure OPC DCOM settings for this communication.

2. The other way to share data between two Vijeo Citect IO servers by making one VJC Server machine as Global Client (that will show data from both the IO Servers). In a Global Client you can view data on a Single VJC system of separate clusters just like in your case. So one of your VJC Server acts as a single server(Server1) while other one will acts as both server (Server2) and client of the other VJC Server1. 
For this you have to make a new project and in that new project include Project of both the system (Server1 & Server2). Now while showing the page for the different clusters you need to mention the Cluster name in the page properties. Attached the help document for more details. 

Kindly make sure that this architecture will only works with VJC version which supports clustering. 
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