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What if MTBF and MTTF value of contactors

The MTBF ( Mean Time Between Failure ) concerns for reparaible product. Our contactors and accessories are not reparaible and we can not use MTBF. 
However we could provide MTTF ( Mean Time To Failure ) but as you may be already know ,this data is statistical and do not represent life time of product. 
The MTTF & MTBF datas for electromechanical products are determined using a statistical calculation, based on the number of failed products returned to manufacturing and the number of products sold. At first, products has to respect the electrical durability defined in catalog. 
MTTF values for electromechanical products, that is derived from statistic data give very high values. Practically it is enough if we declare that it is more than 10 years.
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