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XBTZ9018 modbus serial communication cable does not work on Twido programming port. What could be the reason. How to solve it.

XBTZ9018 is a communication cable for modbus serial RS-485 physical interface that can be used between Twido and Magelis XBT terminal ( For example, XBT GK2..., XBTGT..., GTO, GXO etc.)
This cable is having one end 8-pin mini DIN connector and the other end is female type - SUB D9 connector. 

Special precaution has to be taken care in case XBTZ9018 is used for communication between Twido's programming port and XBT terminals.

Twido programming port's Pin-5 = / DPT signal and Pin7 = 0v signal.
If these pins are not shunted by communication cable user uses then,
- Programming port of Twido works on PUNIT protocol for serial communication that is exclusively assigned for state 1, baud rate= 19200 bits/second, parity= None, Stop bit=1
- Any other serial line configuration made in Twidosoft / Twidosuite for Twido's programming port will not be effective.
- User must change serial line configuration to baud rate= 19200 bits/second, parity= None, Stop bit=1 for both Twidosoft /Twidosuite and Vijeo designer.
- In case if Twido is a modbus slave device, its slave address must be 1 only

If it is not possible to modify the serial line configuration to baud rate= 19200 bits/second, parity= None, Stop bit=1 then user must shunt pin5 and pin7 of Twido programming port by cable of communication used. 
By shunting pin-5 and pin-7 of Twido programming port, serial line configuration as well slave address of twido that is configured within Twidosoft / Twidosuit software will be effective to Twido programming port.

Note: Cable XBTZ9018 do not provide shunt for pin-5 and pin-7 of Twido's 8-pin mini-din connector of programming port.
In this case, if XBTZ9018 is being used with Twido programming port for serial communication, make ensure  settings of baud rate=19200 bits/second, parity = none, stop bit =1 for serial line configuration. Twido's modbus slave address must be 1 only.

XBTZ9018 cable if used with Twido's optional serial adapters ( TWDNAC485D or TWDNAC485T), Twido can work with any defined serial line configuration & slave address.
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