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What is the recommended Ethernet cable category to use with Altivar Process drives

According to the Ethernet 802.3 cable UTP category 5 could be used (Unshielded twisted pair).
Nevertheless, Schneider Electric recommend to use STP category 5E (Shielded twisted pair)
Cable Category 6 or 6E can be also used but those CAT 6 cable are specified for Gigabit Ethernet network. Altivar process Ethernet is 100 Mbits Ethernet.

To sum check cable specifications as follows:
- Minimum Cat 5e,
-  Use equipotential bonding conductors
- Connector RJ45, no crossover cable
- Shield: both ends grounded
- Twisted-pair cable
- Cable: 8 x 0.25 mm² (8 x AWG 22)
- Use pre-assembled cables to reduce the wiring mistakes
- Verify that wiring, cables, and connected interfaces meet the PELV requirements.
- Maximum cable length per segment = 100 m (328 ft)
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