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What is the Input power interruption for 140CPS12420 module

When the applied AC power to the CPS is within the specified range of 93-138VAC Vrms or 170 ... 263 VAC Vrms at 47-63 hertz the longest period of interruption you will withstand is 8.3 msec at 60 Hz and 10ms at 50Hz or 1/2 of the AC line cycle. If the AC input interruption is longer than 8.3ms at 60Hz or 10ms at 50Hz the cpu begins a logical shutdown.

i.e. 1/60hz = 0.016666/2 sec = 8.33msec 

     1/50hz = 0.02/2 sec =  10msec

If the input power is absent for 8.3ms (1/2cycle--60Hz) or 10ms (1/2cycle--50Hz) and longer then the Quantum CPU will begin a logical shutdown of system.
Also two frequent interuptions cannot happen within 1 second interval otherwise the possibility of shutdown exist.
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