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What is the power supply filtering time for Quantum Supply modules and what would happen if this range crossed.

Power filtering time for quantum Supply modules are as below:

For Alternating Current : 10ms

For Direct Current  : 1ms

If the duration of the outage is less than the power supply filtering time, it has no effect on the program which continues to run normally. If this is not the case, the program is interrupted and power restoral processing is activated.

Below operation will process once power outage detected:

1  On power outage the system stores the application context and the time of outage.
2  It sets all the outputs in the fallback state (state defined in configuration).  

3  On power restoral, the saved context is compared to the current one, which defines the type of startup to be performed: 
  • If the application context has changed (i.e. loss of system context or new application), the PLC initializes the application: cold start, 
  • If the application context is the same, the PLC carries out a restart without initialization of data: warm restart. 
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