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How Firmware can be upgraded for BMEXBP••00 rack .

We can upgrade the BME XBP ••00 rack firmware by downloading a new firmware version with Unity Loader through the CPU or a BME CRA 312 •0 module. 

The firmware download can be performed by connecting to either of the following: 
  • The CPU mini-B USB connector 
  • The CPU Service port 
  • The Ethernet network 

Refer to the CPU firmware upgrade procedure for a description of the download procedure. Also make sure the necessary security permission should be enabled.

Upgrade Procedure :
1. Install Unity Loader software provided with Unity Pro.   
2  Connect the PC that is running Unity Loader to the CPU.  
3  Launch Unity Loader.  
4  Click Firmware tab.  
5  In the PC list box, select the .ldx file that contains the firmware file.  
6  When connected with Ethernet, check that the MAC address indicated in the PLC box corresponds to the MAC address marked on the CPU.  
7  Check that transfer sign is green to allow transfer from PC to CPU.  
8  Click Transfer  
9  Click Close  

Firmware :
The firmware file is included in a *.ldx file. 

Troubleshooting :
If the rack power supply is turned off during the upgrade procedure, the backplane firmware remains on the version embedded before the upgrade procedure. 
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