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How can I transfer my Workbench license from one machine to other machine.

You need to follow below steps to transfer license from one machine to the other machine :

FIRST - WE MUST HAVE THE SERIAL NUMBER SO WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE WORKING WITH.  It will begin with "R0" and can be found on the back of the CD case in which the program was shipped.  The procedures are slightly different for WorkBench 6 and WorkBench 3 .

For both WorkBench 3 and 6, we need to get the user codes (and setup code for WB3) from the original machine  We send registration keys to remove it.

The customer will receive a confirmation code that must be forwarded to CustomerCare Centre, to confirm removal.  Then we are able to reactivate it on the 2nd machine free of charge.

When the customer sends in the confirmation code, the user codes (and setup code if for WB3) for the 2nd machine should be sent in as well.

Customer Care will respond with the new registration keys.

Here are the procedures for the removal codes for WB3 (as attached in the file "Removal of IsaGraf Software License.docx")

If your customer has WB6, then use one of the procedures below to arrive at the user codes (as attached in pdf file "To Obtain User Codes_V004 (CAM-5) &
V002 (CAM 3)")    

The confirmation code will disappear - IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO RECORD IMMEDIATELY.
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