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How to communicate iRIO with Programming terminal

To communicate with iRIO The PC (or PDA) must be provided with either a Web browser or the Kervisu software.

Using Kervisu, the communication protocol is Napbus, a proprietary extension of the
Modbus protocol. In this case, after installing Kervisu, simply check the availability of
serial and/or modem ports.

To log on to Xflow with a Web browser, the HTTP protocol is used. In this case, you
must log on to Xflow with a standard remote network connection, similar to those
used to establish an Internet connection. For remote access, the communication
resources of your Windows operating system are used (you must use an existing
modem or add a new one). 

Connecting Xflow to the PC :-
To be able to communicate between Kervisu and Xflow, there are various ways of
proceeding depending on the platform on which Xflow is running.

Xflow on a PC :-
To connect Xflow in execution mode from a Client PC on a PC, you must use the Web
interface (via a Web browser) or else Kervisu on an IP link (Xflow is receptive on UDP
port 32136).

Xflow on an iRIO :-
To connect Xflow in execution mode on an iRIO platform to a PC, you must use
a specific Schneider Electric Telecontrol serial cable having the reference:

Enclosed is complete guide on this.
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