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How to connect Pressure Sensor XMLK006B2C21 on ATV303 drive.

Analog output of pressure sensor XMLK006B2C21 is 4 to 20mA.
Program 204.0 [AI1 type] to 0A [Current: x-y mA] in AI1 CONFIGURATION MENU
Program 204.1[AI1 current scaling parameter of 0%] to 4mA in AI1 CONFIGURATION MENU
Program 204.2[AI1 current scaling parameter of 100%] to 20mA in AI1 CONFIGURATION MENU
Connect 4 to 20mA analog output from Pressure Sensor to Analog Input of ATV303 (AI1 and COM).
And program 512.2[High speed] to 50 Hz.
Scaling=> 4mA corresponds to 0 Hz and 20mA corresponds to 50 Hz.
So, when pressure sensor Analog output is 20mA, then Drive will run at 50 Hz.

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