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How can we get data from one VJC server to another VJC server of same version.

To share the variable tag data between two Vijeo Citect Systems , you have two options possible :

1. Using the OPC protocol. For using this OPC protocol between the two VJC IO Server, you need to login to both the systems with same username and password and then you have to do the DCOM settings for get the both systems communicating with each other.

2. Other way to share data between two VJC systems, is to use the Global Client feature where one VJC machine will work like a IO Server and other VJC Server will work as both IO Server and Global client for the first VJC system. To work this feature we have to simply include the once project into another project and compile project , remove the error for some names which are common in both the project and link the graphics pages with the particular clusters .
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