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How can I configure Clear SCADA as OPC Server & as OPC Client.

On a ClearSCADA system, you configure the ClearSCADA database so that entries in the database reference the items on the OPC servers that you want ClearSCADA to monitor. You organize database Items into OPC Groups based on how data is to be retrieved. 

In order to communicate with other servers using the OPC protocol, the Advanced OPC Driver has to be installed and running on the ClearSCADA servers on your system. The driver is represented by the Advanced OPC Client component in the ClearSCADA Installation Wizard’s Setup window. The component is located within the Server branch of the tree that is displayed in the window (see Install a Driver in ClearSCADA in the ClearSCADA Guide to Drivers).
Also attached the configuration steps help files for your references for configuring ClearSCADA as both OPC Server & OPC Client.

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