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What is SCF1 fault on the ATV71drive?

Motor Short circuit fault (SCF1):
The drive is protected against short circuit between output phases and phase to the ground.
When there is a quick short circuit the drive trips in SCF1.
It is a very quick (a few μs i.e around 5 µs) hardware detection, the threshold is about 3 to 4 times the drive nominal current depending on the range.

Do following:--
- Check the cables connecting the drive to the motor, and the motor insulation.
- Reduce the switching frequency.
- Connect motor choke according to motor cable length.

After that what could we advise:
- To do factory setting of motor control parameter 
- Enter all motor parameter 
- To do auto tuning with the motor at cold state
- Select the control law SVCU 
- try to decrease little bit SPG and increase SIT.try to optimize the speed loop.

If SCF1 comes without connected motor, then there will be a hardware problem with the drive.
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