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Does the TeSys T, GV** LR** or TeSys U complies with Tripping class Band E as per IEC 60947-4-1

None of our overload protection ( TeSys T, GV** LR** or TeSys U ) comply to band E.
Class 20 product trip from 6 To 20 second maximum when Band E class 20 will trip from 10 to 20 second maximum. 

The band E product provide narrower tolerance range but this does not means the product provide better performance.

When overload happens on motor, relay should trip as fast as possible to protect motor.

Class 20 band E cannot trip below 10 seconds when standard class 20 can go down to 6 seconds.

This mean standard class product will certainly trip earlier than band E product and in this way protect in a better way motor. 

So band E products provide less performance’s than standard product.
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