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Unity pro Upload Info Invalid massage meaning

Unity Pro has a Project Setting "Upload information management" that can be found under the menu bar title "Tools", then General >> PLC embedded data. 
It supports the ETS (Empty Terminal Support) feature of Unity Pro. The ETS feature allows users to connect any PC, with Unity Pro installed, to a Unity PLC and upload its project. 
This feature has two selections available, "Automatic" (default selection) and "On user request". The selection of this feature has a direct impact to the on-line editing time of the Unity Pro project. 

Selection Operation:

Automatic (default):
In this mode, every application edit that is made and build changes performed is downloaded to the PLC and the uploadable application image is updated on the PLC. This automatically maintains consistency between the PLC executing code and the upload image of that code after every edit/ build changes is performed. This status can be seen on the Unity Pro Status Bar after the edit and build changes is completed.

With this selection there are two operations that occur every time you edit and perform a Build Changes command. The first operation is the build and download of the section(s) that contain the edit(s). The second operation is to create the new upload image of the project that matches the executable that is running on the PLC and then download it to the PLC. 

Performing both of the operations takes time to complete prior to the PLC to achieving the Built state. 

On user request (selectable): 
In this mode, every application edit that is made and built with Unity Pro has only one operation performed. This operation is the download of the executable code to the PLC. The second operation, update the uploadable application image, is not performed. The consistency between the executing code on the PLC and the upload image of that code is not maintained. This status can be seen on the Unity Pro Status Bar after every edit/ build changes is performed. 

The update upload information is now a manual operation and must be performed by the user. Until the user manually updates the upload information on the PLC to match the executing code, the project is not available for upload. This means that the ETS feature is not available at this time. When in this state, if another "new" PC with Unity Pro connects to this PLC in the ETS mode:
  • 1) it will display messages "Different" and "Upload Info Invalid" on the Status Bar 
    2) the menu bar title "PLC" drop down menu's selection Transfer Project from PLC is unavailable (grayed out) and the capability to update upload information is not listed (unselectable).

With the "new" connected PC in this state, it has no access to the PLC's project.

After the project editing is complete (or anytime the user wants to update the upload information) the user can manually update the upload information by selecting the menu item Update Upload Information located under the menu bar title "PLC". 

NOTE: When operating in the "On User Request" mode it is recommended that, at minimum, the Update Upload Information is performed at the end of the editing session and the project is saved. 


Performing only the first operation reduces the time it takes for the PLC to achieve the Built state. 
Reference the Unity Pro Operating Modes manual part number 33003101 for more information on this feature.
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