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What are the function keys available with the L500 MV substation supervision system ?

You must have a key providing access to the "Administration" or "Development" profile to perform this operation.

The L500 Supervisor function keys menu can be consulted as follows:
1.    Start the L500Supervisor.
2.    Press the <F6> key to display the menus.
3.    Go into Configure-Actions-Function keys.

The function keys are as follows:
F1    Online help facility
F2    Operation menu (Connection and Disconnection)
F3    Administration menu (user configuration)
F4    "About" screen
F6     Show menu and toolbar
F7    Events observer window
F8     Hide menu and toolbar
F9     Program management
F10    Exit the application
F11    Refresh screen
F12    Show the log toolbox or stoppage of the audible alarm if the Horn option is used.
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