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In Twido PLC, function block %PLS1 pulse output does not stop after generating N numbers of specified pluses until input IN is OFF

In Twido PLC, pulses on output %PLS1 are not stopped when %PLS1.N or %PLS1.ND is reached for time bases 0.142 ms and 0.57 ms and pulses are infinite until %PLS1 function block input IN is OFF.
To have N numbers of specified pulses on %PLS1 function block, change time bases to 10 ms or 1 second
For time bases 10 ms and 1 s , Pulses stops as per %PLS1.N or %PLS1.ND
In case if %PLS1.N is set to 0, %PLS1 function block keep generating pulses until %PLS1 function block input IN is OFF.
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